Janner was responsible for the wreck. That funny filterless hand rolled “cigarette” that he tokes on between his thumb and forefinger is quite clear in the picture. He said it was ‘tobacco’ and he liked to roll his own without filters, but here in the boonies we call that a joint. The police did not do anything other than make him walk in a line-no testing of drugs or alcohol imbibed by the great Bruce Jenner and no criminal charges filed even tho video clearly shows that Jenner was 100% responsible for the act.

On the murder, he claims he should not be sued-just like stated. The children were successful adults and not dependent on their step-mother for support therefore, he should not be required to pay any damages.

And now a second driver comes forth to hold him responsible.

Now, if the family that was in the van that ended up rushed to the hospital (accident killed 1 person and sent 8 people including children to the hospital) we will have a tripple crown winner in Bruce Jenner who is receiving an award for ‘bravery’ for spending $100,000 in cosmetic surgery while leaving his genitals in tact, thank you very much.

The man abandoned his own children when he left his first . Not only did he not pay 1 penny of child support-he didn’t care if they lived or died-his child is in the hospital for a major surgery-don’t call Bruce. His child gets an award-don’t call Bruce. No. No. No.

He claims that with his name change, he realizes how he mistreated his children and will be a better parent-b.s.

I hope he talks about the murder of 1 person and the hospitalization in his new reality show and talks about how he abandoned his children-after all that is his reality.